Possibility Through People


From comprehensive architecture solutions to customized design services, Ethos Workshop does it all. The notable work we create is a direct result of the diversity of talented people behind it. You will work with dreamers and visionaries, big idea generators and innovators, intuitive problem solvers and detail perfectionists. We pour creative energy, bold thinking and decades of talent into every project and share a collective dedication to exceeding your boldest and highest expectations.


Ethos takes possibility personally.

We dig deep beneath the surface - asking engaging questions and immersing ourselves in your culture to understand your objectives.  We believe that through this detailed knowledge comes the most intelligent solutions and inspired outcomes.


Our team never stops thinking about how to elevate the art of architecture to create deeper human connection and environmental engagement. To us, great architecture is a passion that is ever evolving so we like to share what we feel is important about what we love to do with others who share that same feeling. In the future, this area will include our opinions, original ideas, cultural observations and inspiration about all things architecture. And, although we are a modest bunch, you may also see awards and other recognition we receive for our work.


T: 630.527.6723